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Ever since its creation in the town of Nanxiang in Jiading (now part of Shanghai, China) in 1871, Nanxiang soup dumpling has been refined, perfected, and whole-heartedly savored by generations of Shanghainese people.

Each piece of Yaso Xiao Long Bao is a piece of delicacy, made of fresh ingredients and handcrafted with great care and passion. Stirring, rolling, folding, pinching and steaming — the chefs perform each step gently and meticulously. Appealing with its sheer skin, trickling soup and tender filling, Yaso Xiao Long Bao seeks to spread the taste of authenticity across the globe.

While bringing easy access to authentic Shanghai street foods, Yaso Tangbao inherits the legacy of Nanxiang soup dumpling and promulgates the marvel of the Oriental culture — it’s where food, history and culture come together.

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